Bed Linen

Srii valli bed sheets Bring sophisticated touch to your bedroom with this comfort, freshness and luxury. Gentle smoothness combined with soft suppleness, superb air permeability, strength and terrific anti-allergic and bacteriological properties. Along with many other excellent features of pure cotton bed sheets there is one that advantages a special mention – it reduces tiredness and lifts spirits.

Bed sheets are used to cover the mattresses. These covers are made of a variety of materials. There is a large host of bed sheets which is specifically used to cover the bed in style.

Depending upon useable areas coverings are differ like heavier, while others are thin. The luxurious looking bedding covers made of cotton fabric, bamboo fabric or satin to lend a rich look to decor a bed room.

Verities : printed bed linen | plain bed linen| fitted bed linen, etc,..
Types of print : Printed bed sheets 4 colour prints, metallic or pearl gold silver, bronze, radium prints.


  • Pure cotton bed sheets
  • Poly cotton bed sheets
  • Bamboo fiber bed sheets
  • 100% polyester bed sheets
  • Micro bed sheets
  • Roto

Bed Linen Care

Wash bed and other fine linens with a good gentle detergent. We recommend mild detergents. Ever use bleaches or hard detergents with optical brighteners for bed linen care these can discolor and weaken your sheets. Always dissolve your detergent in the washing machine before adding your linens.

  • Don't use very hot water, or a hot dryer for that matter. Heat weakens fibers.
  • Don't over load your machine, and if you have a gentle cycle use it. When you have completed the wash cycle for bed linens, run the load through an extra rinse cycle as this helps to remove any soap residue (lingering soap residue decreases the softness of your bed linens).
  • Don't wash sheets and towels together, this leads to pilling.
  • For stains, wet the area then rub Linen Wash right onto the stain. Launder as usual.
  • To avoid pulls and snags, don't wear jewelry to bed and keep nails short.
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