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The luxee brand bed sheets are exclusive pure cotton linens which can be availed in adorable designs, marvelous style and attractive colors. Bed sheets are perfectly designed to decorate the bedroom. It's higher the thread count, accordingly better the bed sheet in quality and comfort. The thread count can be found on the label of a bed sheet. The bed sheets with higher number of thread count will provide more luxurious comfort and a pleasant feeling to the users.

LUXEE bed sheets bring sophisticated touch to your bedroom with comfort, freshness and luxury. Gentle smoothness combined with soft suppleness, superb air permeability, strength and terrific anti-allergic and bacteriological properties.

Available exclusively at LUXEE bed sheets product a high thread count and satin weave of supreme softness, 100% combed cotton yarns produces really special bed spread - lightweight, luxury and smooth. Side folding with 50 mm on flat sheets, additional with matching pillowcases, cover has normal flop closure.

Mattress pads are essential element on a bed. They serve many purposes, from protecting the mattress, keeping the sheets on the bed and providing more auxiliary comfort, softness and luxury. It's should be a necessity for a mattress.

For the cool, soft feel of good quality bed sheets, they must be 100% cotton. Cotton wicks away moisture keeping you comfortable not clammy. The softness you can achieve with high-quality cotton is an addictive luxury your skin will remember.

Experts generally classify cottons into four main types with many categories in each type. These classifications are based on appearance and staple length (extra-long, long, medium and short) - the longer the staple, the finer the fabric.

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